"Creating competitive edge for the European POLYmer processing industry driving new added-value products with CONDucting polymers"


The research is based on the compounding of engineering polymers with improved conductivity for EMI shielding (Electromagnetic Interference) and ESD properties (Electrostatic Discharge). Innovative, ecoefficient processing, based on CO2 assisted technologies specifically tailored to the new materials, was also developed.

PolyCond's approach provides:

service 1

EMI Shielding

Plastic components with embedded EMI shielding functionality

service 5

ESD protection

Injection moulded products made for ESD applications

service 2

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction of at least 60%

service 3

Total Cost Reduction

Total cost reduction of shielding components approaching 90%

service 4

Time Reduction

Reduction of production time by 80%, thus improving productivity


The project consortium of twenty partners from five European countries brought together the necessary balance of research and industry, representing the complete supply chain. Many of the organisations and scientists involved are key figures within their field of expertise, and provide the critical mass of technological and commercial know-how for the project to achieve its targets. Each consortium member has demonstrated a long term commitment to development of their own research and commercial activities within the emerging market of conducting polymers and therefore offers excellent potential for a lasting integration of activities and the creation of a pan-European research culture for the technology developed.

project 12

Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico

Short name:AIMPLAS

AIMPLAS has offered its services to the Plastic industry sector since 1990 related to technological research and development of plastic materials & products and its transformation processes. The justification for AIMPLAS to carry out the activities in the project is based on its knowledge and experience of plastic materials and processes.

project 1

Rapra Technology Ltd

Short name:RAPRA
Country:United Kingdom

Rapra provides services for the polymer industry and industries using plastics and rubber in any component, product or production process. It underwent a management buy-out in July 2002 and is owned by six of its senior management team. It has 125 staff generating a turnover in excess of 11M Euro from its main site in Shropshire UK and its Billingham site in the North East of England.

project 2

Panipol Oy

Short name:PANIPOL

Panipol (Porvoo Finland) manufactures inherently conductive polymer (ICP) called polyaniline - and polyaniline based product formulations for several conductive and semiconductive applications.

project 3

Promolding B.V

Country:The Netherlands

Since 1997, Promolding has focused on adding value for its customers within the injection moulding technology arena. Promolding offers its customers the whole sequence from design to manufacturing by using the injection moulding process. To differerentiate itself Promolding is very active and successful in the use of new and high-tech materials like biodegradable and technical plastics. It has up-to-date injection moulding capabilities and know-how. The mission of the company is: “Innovate or die” and this is communicated with every co-worker. It is seen as an essential task to constantly think about new products, new processes and new ways of co-operating in the supply chain.

project 4

Faperin S.L.

Short name:FAPERIN

Faperin is a firm wich accumulates more than 25 years of experience in the world of moulds and plastic injection. They offer the full development of a piece from the building of the mould in their factory until the posterior production in their injection plant.

project 5

Colorex Master Batch B.V.

Short name:COLOREX
Country:The Netherlands

Colorex started in 1988 with the combined activities of injection moulding and extrusion. In 2003 those activities were extended with the coloring of powders and the production of masterbatches. Colorex has wordlwide customers in all kind of markets. Compounds can be made very precisely by the use of very high mixing rates with the help of special high-speed motors.

project 6



Intermedic is a corporation dedicated to the research and manufacture of laser technology in the medical sector. Their projects are carried out using the latest technology with the dedication of a team of highly qualified professionals. The company works in the application of laser technology in different medical specialities such as vascular and plastic surgery, dermatology or esthetic surgery. They are focusing their development in the research of new applications in the surgical field such as ophthalmology, gynaecology, thoracic among others.

project 7

Molespol S.A.

Short name:MOLESPOL

Molespol is currently among the leading companies especially dedicated to the development and manufacturing of technical furniture and fittings and housings made exclusively for each customer. This company is supplier, often under exclusivity agreements, for companies whose products are of recognised prestige, such as RANK XEROX, CEPSA/ELF, ALCATEL, STANDAR ELECTRICA, INDRA SYSTEMS, FUJITSU ICL, amongst others, and to work for various Universities and the finest industrial design firms.

project 8

Whitaker Technical Plastics

Short name:WHITAKER
Country:United Kingdom

WTP was founded in 1994 and is an independent UK based compound manufacturer. It has dedicated production equipment for highly specialised technical compounds across a wide range of polymers. It produces proprietary compounds for demanding technical applications across a range of industries including Aerospace, Electronics, and Telecommunications.

project 9

TBA Textiles Ltd

Short name:TBA
Country:United Kingdom

TBA Electro-conductive products currently has 11 employees. It is part of TBA Textiles, which has 100 employees. TBA manufactures and supplies specialist materials, primarily for the electronics industry, and specifically to provide protection against Static Control and Electro Magnetic Interference. It’s product range is aimed at supplying both materials and finished products into these markets and the range falls into four product groups; static control, EMI/RFI seals and gaskets, conducting polymers and conducting paints.

project 13

Rondol Technology Ltd

Short name:RONDOL
Country:United Kingdom

Rondol Technology Ltd is a small, focussed, technology company, providing energy saving solutions to the plastics processing industries. The equipment being developed is typically tailored for the medical device, aerospace and fuel cell industries. The Company produces energy-efficient injection moulding machines for high specification mini and micro moulding applications. These all-electric machines have low energy requirements and are suitable for clean-room installation at minimal cost.

project 14

European Plastic Converters

Short name:EuPC

The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) was set up in 1989 at the initiative of six national plastics processing associations to influence the EU decision-making process of regulations affecting its industry. In 1995, EuPC started to adapt its organisational structure in order to effectively represent the market interests of the European plastics converting industry. In December 2001 it developed a new structure with 3 divisions: Packaging, Building & Construction, Automotive & Transport. A Policy Forum was also set up for the members to review EuPC policies and provide advice and information to the Steering Committee. EuPC currently employees 25 people at its headquarters in Brussels.

project 15

British Plastic Federation

Short name:BPF
Country:United Kingdom

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the leading trade association of the UK Plastics Industry. The BPF is non-profit making and principally funded by Membership subscriptions. Its membership represents approximately 70% of the UK Plastics industry turnover and encompasses polymer, additive and machinery producers and suppliers and the full range of plastics processors. The BPF is an authoritative, well-respected source of information. BPF Online (www.bpf.co.uk) embodies this - providing information on materials (properties and applications).

project 16


Short name:MAVESZ

The Association of Hungarian Plastics Industry of the Hungarian Chemical Industry Association (MAVESZ) is a national organization providing representation of professional/economic interests in the chemical and plastics industry. MAVESZ initiates, coordinates and organizes coordinated actions in respect of all issues arising in the sphere of interest of its members.

project 17

Bond voor Materialenkennis

Short name:BvM
Country:The Netherlands

The Dutch Society for Materials Science “Bond voor Materialenkennis” (BvM) is an independent occupational association for researchers and technicians from businesses and institutions. It fulfils a bridge position between theory and practice, between science and the business world. It tries to exercise an influence on spreading knowledge in the field of materials science and its applications. Not only is the BVM active in the field of material science but also in the field of special material aspects as for instance tribology, corrosion, and heat treatment. The BvM has approximately 1600 members in various fields and they are mainly SMEs.

project 18

TNO Industrial Technology

Short name:TNO
Country:The Netherlands

TNO Industrial Technology is one of 14 institutes of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in the Netherlands. Its primary tasks are to support industry, the authorities and other groups of the community in technological innovation, and to assist clients in solving problems. TNO is a fully independent R&D organisation with a staff of about 5000 people and a total turnover of more than 400 million Euro a year. TNO’s R&D takes place at 14 institutes and laboratories, spread throughout the Netherlands. TNO is a member of the European Association of Contract Research Organisations (FEICRO), the European Materials Research Consortium (EMARC) and the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA).

project 19

Technical Research Centre of Finland

Short name:VTT

VTT is an independent research organization, which provides extensive technology solutions and is involved in many international assignments. With its 2800 employees, VTT provides a wide range of technology and applied research services for its clients, private companies, institutions and the public sector. Its turnover is about 210 million euros. VTT serves annually over 5000 domestic and foreign customers.

project 20

Chemical Research Centre

Short name:CRC-HAS

The CRC HAS is the largest centre for chemical research in Hungary. It has a staff of 450, which includes 220 scientists. The principal research interests of the CRC HAS are focused on the development of new functional materials, such as medicines, polymers, catalysts, nanostructured materials with specific properties and isotopes for labelling molecules with special regards of supramolecular organisation.

project 21

Helsinki University of Technology

Short name:HUT

The Aalto University is a foundation based university. The capital of the university foundation was formed by donations of at least EUR 700 million. This capital was accumulated in stages between 2008-2010 by a Government donation of EUR 500 million and donations of at least EUR 200 million from Finnish industries and other financiers. The capital and the profits it generates will be of central importance to the new University in reaching its targets. Profits gained from the capital will enable the University to execute its strategy and provides Aalto University with better preconditions for long-spanning basic research.

  • project 12


    Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico

  • project 1


    Smithers Rapra Ltd

  • project 2


    Panipol Oy

  • project 3


    Promolding B.V

  • project 4


    Faperin S.L.

  • project 5


    Colorex Master Batch B.V.

  • project 6



  • project 7


    Molespol S.A.

  • project 8


    Whitaker Technical Plastics

  • project 9


    TBA Textiles Ltd

  • project 13


    Rondol Technology Ltd

  • project 14


    European Plastic Converters

  • project 15


    British Plastic Federation

  • project 16



  • project 17


    Bond voor Materialenkennis

  • project 18


    TNO Industrial Technology

  • project 19


    Technical Research Centre of Finland

  • project 20


    Chemical Research Centre

  • project 21


    Helsinki University of Technology


The materials developed are targeted at standard injection moulded articles. They give a significantly better balance of mechanical and electrical properties than the current generation of commercially available ESD protection and EMI shielding compounds. With the best EMI shielding compounds developed in PolyCond, it should be possible to use them in applications where they will replace mouldings with conductive coatings and those that comprise materials with high loadings of conductive fillers.


A range of compounds have been developed and produced in production scale quantities for a variety of applications. Five main case studies, such as Automotive part with EMI shielding, Medical device, Military device, Grounding plug earth pin and PU shielding were studied.


The PolyCond project was supported by funding under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union (515835)

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